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I love the Live Jasmin network, it is always fun to browse through the girls that are live online. Every time I log onto the page of current hotties that are on the Jasmine network I find several great looking gals, but that’s not all that makes this a great sex chat portal.LiveJasminList-scsc-250-j

First of all the video is great. You can see right away when you go into a girl’s chat area that the sex chat experience is fast and smooth. I absolutely love being able to double the size of the video (and even going larger). This works even in the free sex chat areas!

I have found only a few girls have a slow connection, most of the sex chat video with live Jasmine girls is super smooth, even at the double size. I have found several real naughty young ladies that tease for free and get real nasty in the private 1 on 1 when you buy credits.

The only drawback that I have found with this network is that it is so popular, it can be difficult to talk with a girl in the free area for long, as they often get into a private one on one sex chat show quickly. Sometimes by the time you have seen the list of live jasmin hotties currently sharing their cam feeds and click on a girl, she has gotten into a private show in the 1 minute it takes to scan the page. If you find a girl that sparks your interest do not waste time with stupid “rub your pussy” comments, quickly ask her if she will do what you like to see and buy credits. Sometimes by the time you buy credits and come back she may be in private with someone else, so I make sure to buy credits right away, that way I can get the girl quickly before someone else does!

The audio feature is way cool. When a girl can talk to you she doesn’t have to type, which leaves time for more kinky play. Many of the girls give their audio feed in the free rooms as well, and it works great. Sometimes you will find several women that do not speak English as their native language, but most that I have enjoyed sex chat with spoke enough dirty English to get me off quick enough to have credits left for a round two 20 minutes later.

Definite 3 thumbs up for the girls of the live Jasmin sex chat network!


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